Services of BIRTHFIT Chicago: Western Suburbs

BIRTHFIT Chicago Western Suburbs helps mamas and mamas-to-be in the Chicago Western suburbs including DuPage Cook, & Kane County. The Chicago Western Suburbs region includes as far east as Oak Park to Addison, Carol Stream, Wheaton, Winfield, West Chicago, Naperville, Warrenville, and other nearby suburbs.

SERVICES FOR EVERYONE (Pre-Conception, Prenatal & Postpartum)



The BIRTHFIT Basics is a one-time, in-person or online 60-minute consultation with either Lauren or Jamie. Your BIRTHFIT Basics call will provide you with new avenues to explore during pregnancy, strategies to enhance your nutrition, movement and workout suggestions, and practical advice to prepare for labor and delivery.

You will receive a follow-up report from Lauren or Jamie that reviews the topics covered for your pregnancy and goals.

The BIRTHFIT Basics is not to replace any advice of your health care provider nor will it give you a medical prescription advice or a diagnosis. BIRTHFIT will give you support, information, and a constant resource for you to explore and take an ACTIVE role in your pregnancy.

Cost: $99

Schedule BIRTHFIT consult with Lauren in Addison online.

Schedule BIRTHFIT consult with Jamie in Warrenville

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Dr. Lauren Keller & Dr. Jamie Thomure focus on prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care. Both doctors are skilled in muscle work, chiropractic adjustments, and taping specifically for prenatal and postpartum care.  As you might expect, both implement therapeutic exercises to enhance overall well-being, performance and recovery.

To schedule a chiropractic or acupuncture appointment with Dr. Lauren contact:

Elemental Chiropractic, Inc. 
1449 W. Lake St. Ste. B
Addison, IL 60101
(331) 307 – 7110

To schedule a chiropractic or nutrition appointment with Dr. Jamie contact:

DuPage Family Wellness
28w530 Batavia Road
Warrenvill,e IL 60555
(630) 488 – 0255

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Are you curious about what all this "BIRTHFIT" ruckus is all about? We believe in educating and empowering prenatal and postpartum women through an evolved practice in fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset. So, what do we actually do? If you experience core or pelvic floor dysfunction (i.e. Diastatis Rectus Abdominus, peeing your pants during a hearty laugh or box jumps, or back pain during lifts) you will NOT want to miss this community class!  

We will be practicing movements, so wear clothing you feel comfortable moving around in. Leggings, anyone?

While babies are always welcome to party, we will not provide childcare or childfriendly activities for other precious munchkins at this event.

If you would like to host the Power Hour at your gym, studio, or business, please contact Lauren or Jamie!


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This is not your typical 'birth education' class, because it focuses on making sure you have a healthy, happy pregnancy and beyond. The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series prepares you physically, mentally and emotionally for your Motherhood Transition. This class is for the mother and partner.

We will cover a range of topics such as:

  • Exercise in pregnancy & BIRHTFIT functional progression exercises with breath work

  • Mindset, including stress reduction strategies and addressing fear

  • Benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy

  • What a woman needs for birth

  • Birth preferences & desires

  • Routine interventions and Evidence-based care so you understand all of your options

  • Stages of labor and birthing positions

  • How partners can help support the mama

  • Postpartum planning (support, relationship, nutrition, exercises, and what to expect)

Cost: $269



PRENATAL Movement class

Small group prenatal movement class. 

Programming is modified based on individual needs and programmed specifically for this stage in life.  Workouts typically consist of strength component, conditioning piece/workout, and accessory work. 

Class is 60 or 90 minutes and designed to encourage and empower you to continue to move functionally during pregnancy and postpartum.  This class is also ideal for women pre-pregnancy.

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11AM
Addison, IL @ Elemental Chiropractic
Call (331) 307-7110 to join!



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BIRTHFIT Breath and Flow

This series is designed for women that may have had a baby in the last six to twelve weeks. This series starts with breath work and evolves into full body functional motor patterns. You will establish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain, and enhance your posture through safe, effective movements that transfers to any activity in our daily lives.

Our top three words to describe this class would be BREATH, BODY, and FLOW.  You will also be given movement homework for practice.  So, come ready to move and connect with the BIRTHFIT Tribe. 

Non-mobile babies are welcome!  Bring a yoga mat!

Cost: $125 for 4, 75-min sessions


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This series is ideal for mamas that have been cleared by their healthcare provider to exercise again. This class series is great for anyone that wants to learn sustainable, efficient movement and motor patterns before returning to their regularly scheduled routines. 

We will cover a variety of information and exercises including:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing

  • How to create appropriate intra-abdominal pressure

  • Properly and consciously re-establish functional movement patterns that translate to daily movement

  • Heal emotionally from both the highs and lows of labor and delivery and postpartum

  • Nourish mind, body and soul with nutrient dense foods, positive thoughts and supportive environments that lift up you and your choices

  • Please note a doctor's release is needed for this series!

    Cost: $169 for 8, 1-hr sessions


  • None Scheduled. Email us if you are interested

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